North America Maple Syrup Exports is a Canadian company entirely dedicated to exporting 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. With Canada being the world’s largest exporter of maple products, North America Maple Syrup Exports is well-positioned to provide to its customers a quality assurance of process, from the sap to the table, year-round.




The three steps to our quality assurance:

1. Our commitment to our customers.


“ We guarantee all our Canadian maple products are 100% pure and of the highest quality. ”

2. Our ability to meet your requirements.


“ Whether for sampling, for bottles of various shapes and sizes and with or without a custom label, or for bulk maple syrup in barrels, we offer a product that will meet your expectations. ”

3. Our proven export solutions.


“ Our vast and diverse experience translates into a deep understanding of export mechanisms. Our access to various supports from the Government of Canada enables us to provide a sustainable shipping process that will help increase your revenues while protecting you from risks. We want to create long-term win-win relationships with our customers. ”

Contact information


10917, route 144


New Brunswick Canada

E7E 2S6


+1 506 824-0183

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